King Solomon Mines


Mr. Stephen McPhail  M.Sc., M.B.A.

Managing Director (56)

Stephen McPhail

Stephen has 19 years experience in the mining industry. He managed Todd Corporation Limited’s gold and base metals business from 1988-1993. Todd was New Zealand’s largest investor in the resources sector. In 1994, he co-founded Highlake Resources NL with Bruce Bell and was a non-executive director until 1998. He had a key role in the IPO of Highlake and negotiated the merger of Highlake with Ballarat Goldfields in 1998.

From 1999-2002, Stephen was CEO of  Morel & Co Ltd. – at that time New Zealand’s principal investment bank focused on the technology sector. He has raised capital for many businesses including $7 million for Highlake and has been a non-executive director on several boards.

In 2003, he left Morel & Co to focus on King Solomon which he had established with Bruce Bell and Fu La.

Mr. Simon O'Loughlin BA (Acc)  

Chairman (57)

Mr O’Loughlin is the founding member of O’Loughlins Lawyers, an Adelaide based medium sized specialist commercial law firm.  He also holds accounting qualifications.  He has extensive experience and involvement with companies in the resources sector.  He has also been involved in the listing and back-door listing of numerous companies on the ASX and National Stock Exchange.

Mr O’Loughlin was appointed a Director on 31 March 2005.  During the three year period to the end of the financial year, Mr O’Loughlin has held directorships in Lawson Gold Ltd ( July 2013 – present), Goldminex Resources Limited (July 2012 – present), Reproductive Health Science Ltd (April 2012 – February 2013 and August 2013 – present), Oncosil Limited (March 2012 – July 2013), Kibaran Resources Limited (November 2010 – present), Chesser Resources Limited (March 2006 – present), Petratherm Limited (October 2003 – present), Aura Energy Limited (May 2006 – December 2013), Wolf Petroleum Limited (September 2010 – April 2012), Bioxyne Limited (July 2008 – April 2012) and Avenue Resources Limited (March 2010 – March 2012).


Mr. Simon Taylor

Non-Executive Director  (48)

Chris Castle

Mr Simon Taylor is a geologist with over 25 years’ experience in exploration, project assessment and development in the resources sector. He has had a diversified career as resources professional providing services to resource companies and financial corporations. This has been at both a technical and corporate level. His experience spans a range of commodities including gold, fertilisers (phosphate and potash), base metals, nickel, uranium, coal and coal seam methane. Whilst his experience includes Australia a majority of his projects have been in international countries including Brazil, Turkey, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, China, UK and North America.

 His experience includes providing consulting services to resource companies and finacial corporations as a resource analyst. His analytical and technical expertise, combined with his corporate experience have given him an ability to advise compnaies at a corporate and Board level including fund raising, acquisitions, promotion and recognising value opportunities to add shareholder value.

He is currently a non- executive director with Chesser Resources (March 2007 – present), Oklo Resources (Aug 2014 – present) and King Solomon Mines (Oct 2014 – present) and has held former directorships with Aguia Resources Limited (Managind Director, Nov 2007 – Dec 2013), Bondi Mining Limited (July 2006 – March 2010) and Probiomics Limited (July 2008 – April 2012).

He is a member of the Australian Institue of Geoscientists and a graduate of Sydney University.